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BM Solutions Mortgage Portal offers you a user friendly service to send us your mortgage application documents. The service also provides a secure messaging service, case tracking and links to useful forms.


  • In order for you to submit documents to support your mortgage applications you will need to register to use the Mortgage Portal service. To request access, send an email to and include the following information:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address (must be unique and not a shared email e.g info@ or enquiries@)
    • Phone number
    • Firm name (as per your FCA registration)
    • Company FCA number
    • BDM contact


Navigate to the new Mortgage Portal system and enter your user name and password.

Use these guides to help you use the system:


To reset your password go to the Mortgage Portal log on page, select forgotten password and follow the online instructions. If you require further assistance you can use web chat or call the support line on 0808 258 5000.


This page contains answers to some commonly asked questions about the BM Mortgage Portal.

I want to register as a new user, what do I need to do?

  • Once you are registered on our panel you can request access to the Mortgage Portal. For instructions on how to request access, please see 'MORTGAGE PORTAL - HOW TO GET REGISTERED'.
  • To register you must have a unique email address. E.g. you are unable to register using a shared email address such as info@ or enquiries@

Where can I go for more help on using the system?

There is a User Guide available on the BM Solutions website and in the useful information section of the BM Solutions Mortgage Portal.

How long does the case stay open on the system?

The case will be closed 30 days after completion of the mortgage or the application not proceeding.

How many documents can be uploaded in one sitting and are there any size or document type constraints?

You can add up to 20 documents at a single time. The system will allow up to 2GB and will accept any document type with the exception of those blocked for security purposes.

What do I do if I upload the wrong document?

To delete a document uploaded in error, click on the document you want to delete, a prompt will appear. Select delete and then click 'Yes' on the confirmation message. This can only be done provided the document has not yet been reviewed.

How do I send a question to the mortgage centre?

If you have an application specific question, find your application using the 'existing application' icon. Use the message facility to type your message and send. The mortgage centre will usually respond within 24 hours and you will be alerted when they have replied.

How will I know if the mortgage centre need other documents or the documents were not acceptable?

The mortgage centre will send you an email alert, there will be a link to the case within this alert where you will see the message from the mortgage centre.

Can I access the system from my mobile or tablet device?

Yes, there is a mobile version of the website that can be used on your mobile or tablet device.

What system requirements are required if accessing BM Solutions Mortgage Portal?

The User Guide gives details of the minimum system requirements. It is targeted for the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE (>10)

What system requirements are required for mobile devices?

The BM Solutions Mortgage Portal will be web based and can be used on both IOS or Android mobiles.

Can my Administrators or anyone else in my firm access my cases?

No. Only you will have access to any cases you create in the portal.

I am an existing Intralinks user, will I have to register to use the BM Solutions Mortgage Portal?

No, you will automatically be sent a welcome email which will have a link to the BM Solutions Mortgage Portal. You will still be able to use your current username and password.

Do I have to go to the website to access the application forms needed to submit an application?

No, these can now be found on the Forms section of BM Solutions Mortgage Portal. You will still have to save the form to your desktop prior to printing the form.

When creating a new case what is the naming convention for the Applicant details?

When completing the Applicant details use Last Name and First Name as format. E.G Mr Michael Jones would be input as Jones, Michael.

What do I do if I am locked out or have forgotten my password?

Follow the online instructions on the log in page of the BM Solutions Mortgage Portal. Click on the 'Forgot your Password' hyperlink.

Will I be automatically logged out of the system after a period of inactivity?

Yes, you will be logged out after 60 minutes, with a warning appearing at 55 minutes with a 5 minute countdown. Click refresh to continue with the session that is open.

Can I use emojis when using the BM Solutions Mortgage Portal on my mobile phone or tablet?

Please avoid using emojis in the portal as this will impact the display of text you have keyed.

What happens to the documents when my case completes?

The BM Solutions Mortgage Portal is a temporary repository for documents. Any documents submitted will be retained within the clients file in the mortgage centre. The documents for cases that have completed or marked as not proceeding will automatically be deleted from the portal after 30 days so please retain your own copies for your own records.

Do I need to create a case on the Mortgage Portal if I don't have any documents to upload?

In order to benefit from the case tracking facility, you can create a case on the Mortgage Portal even if you don't have any documents to upload. This will allow you to use the portal to track the progress of your cases without having to phone the mortgage centre.

You will not see any update of the case in the Mortgage Portal until the valuation report has been received. At this stage, the processing team will start updating the case tracking.

What is the website address for the new Mortgage Portal?

I have been told to submit a paper application, what do I type in the Application Number field?

Type 'Paper Application'. Our mortgage centre will add the application number at a later stage.

I have more documents I want to send to BM Solutions what do I do?

You can upload additional documents to your application on the Mortgage Portal. Go to 'Existing Applications' and select the application from your list. Open the case and follow the uploading documents process detailed in the user guide.

How do I submit a Customer Profile Form?

The Customer Profile Form sits within the Mortgage Portal. You have the option to complete the form online within the portal or download the Customer Profile Form PDF which you can complete and import to the Mortgage Portal at a later stage. Instructions on how to do this are included in the User Guide, pages 13 - 17.

Why can't I edit the Customer Profile Form?

You will be able to update, add or edit the Customer Profile Form at any point up to submit. Once you have submitted the form, no further changes can be made. If you need to make a change after this point, please contact the Mortgage Centre. If your case is with Underwriting, contact the Underwriters who will 'unlock' the form for you to make amendments.

Why do some addresses remain highlighted amber when picked from the address dropdown list?

Sometimes there are properties with unusual formatting. In these circumstances, you should select the most appropriate property from the lookup list. However, you may see that the address will still be highlighted amber when you have saved the form. This is as expected and you should proceed to submit the application as normal.

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