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Further Advances

You will need a 10 character user ID to log in to BM Solutions Online. To submit a Further Advance, please log in.

If you do not have a 10 character user ID, please follow our registration guidance.

When can I apply?

- Further advance applications are not permitted within 6 months of completion of the original mortgage.

- The minimum period from completion of the latest Further Advance to any new Further Advance application is 12 months.

- If the customer has failed to make their monthly payment on the expected due date (resulting in arrears) then you will not be able to apply for a Further Advance until the arrears have been cleared and their payments have been made in full and on time for 3 consecutive months.

Before applying

You will be unable to apply for a Product Transfer and a Further Advance application at the same time. A product transfer application can't be started until a further advance application has completed and funds have been released. A further advance application can't be started until a product transfer application has been submitted and the new product has started/taken effect. If a Product Transfer application is submitted and subsequently cancelled you will need to wait until the 1st of the following month before applying for a Further Advance application.

Lending is assessed using the actual rental income from the property. Calculate the maximum amount of capital your customer can borrow to purchase or remortgage their property based on their annual income using our rental income calculator.

To view the further advance products available for a specific customer, log into BM Solutions Online and use Mortgage Enquiry to view the customer's mortgage. The Product Finder tab will show the products available for a customer. Use the calculator on the right of the product finder to add the additional borrowing amount required. Click refresh to update the available products.

Please use our data capture form to ensure you have all the information required to submit a further advance application.


You can find out the current valuation of the property in the Summary of Accounts screen at the start of the Further Advance application.

If the additional borrowing exceeds 75% of the current index valuation then we will carry out a valuation as part of your valuation.

If the borrowing does not exceed 75% of the current index valuation and the applicant(s) would like to pay for a revaluation of the property you will need to complete a Revaluation Authority form prior to submission.

Our current revaluation fees can be found here.

Submitting an application

If you have an on screen message whilst keying an application which requires you to update the customers account prior to submission of the Further Advance application. For support with making changes to a customers account, please see our Existing Customers section.

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